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Child Support Issues May Continuously Change

As circumstances change, orders may need be updated or modified. Parenting time and decision-making responsibilities often change as your children grow up and their needs and interests evolve.

Child support obligations should be periodically reviewed and modified accordingly. Since child support is based in large part on the combined household income, changes in parental income frequently translate into a change in the monthly child support obligation. Other factors such as health care expenses and extra-curricular activities also impact the amount of support.

In most circumstances child support will terminate when the child turns 19 years old. Child support should be adjusted as older children emancipate and are no longer eligible to receive support. Occasionally a child will not emancipate at age 19 and ongoing child support is needed.

Determine What Reasonable Needs Are In A Maintenance Modification Case

Maintenance (often called alimony) may also be subject to modification when you can show continuing circumstances have changed so much that the existing order is unfair.

Our attorneys can guide you through the various criteria that factor into the determination a child support and maintenance.

Helping Maintain Family Life

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