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Family Law Settlement Conferences

We are proud to announce a new and unique service that will most definitely benefit families in conflict. In addition to our full-service litigation and mediation family law practice, we will now be conducting family law settlement conferences.

Family Law Settlement Conferences FAQs

What is a family law settlement conference? Settlement conference means an informal assessment and negotiation session conducted by a legal professional who hears both sides of the case, and may advise the parties on the law and precedent relating to the dispute and suggest a settlement.

Is a settlement conference different than mediation? Yes. A settlement conference is a situation where the parties can meet with one of our experienced trial lawyers to discuss and resolve any family law issue. Further, during one of our settlement conferences, our experienced trial attorneys can hear both sides of the case, advise the parties on the law and suggest settlement options.

How can a settlement conference benefit you or your client? A settlement conference is designed to provide parties a forum to discuss matters with the expertise and experience of an experienced trial attorney. Although the process is completely voluntary and neither party will be bound by the discussions unless they execute a written form of their agreement, settlement conferences are excellent procedures to allow parties to discuss and resolve their issues without the expense and time involved with a contested legal proceeding. It is our experience that many of the issues involved in family law matters are capable of resolution through the use of a settlement conference.

How much do settlement conferences cost? Settlement conferences are billed by the hour with a four-hour minimum. Depending on the complexity of the issues, most family law matters can be resolved in four to 12 hours.

Do you need a lawyer to participate in a settlement conference? No. We offer an experienced trial attorney who has extensive knowledge of the law and the judicial system to advise the parties as to the law and suggest resolutions. By using a single attorney to assist the parties, there is a substantial reduction in costs and conflict.

Why choose Litvak Litvak Mehrtens and Carlton, P.C.? Our experienced team of attorneys has a real working knowledge of the law and the court system. We can guide and assist parties toward a fair and economical resolution.

If you would like to schedule a settlement conference or request further information, please contact us at 303-951-4506.

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