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Divorce May Not Be The End

Over time, compliance with court orders may end. When support goes unpaid, assets are not divided, or parenting time schedules seem like mere suggestions, there are a number of ways to remedy the situation.

For unpaid support obligations, an income assignment may be appropriate. Once in place, the income assignment requires the payor’s employer to withhold the support obligation from the payor’s pay for payment toward the support obligation. If there is a substantial amount of arrears, or unpaid support, the outstanding sum can be reduced to judgment and a garnishment may be needed to pay off the debt.

When a party has the ability to comply with a court order but knowingly disregards it, a contempt citation may be filed. If the noncompliant party is found to be in contempt by the court, the court may monitor compliance with the order, assess a fine or even impose a jail sentence.

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