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Legal Separation In Colorado | Alternative To Divorce

A common question is: “What is the difference between a dissolution of marriage and a legal separation?” From a practical standpoint, there are not many differences between a dissolution of marriage and a legal separation. In both instances, marital property will need to be divided, all other financial rights will need to be determined and the allocation of parental responsibilities will need to be addressed.

Additionally, when either a divorce decree or a decree of legal separation is issued, the accumulation of marital property will stop.

Why Choose Separation Over Divorce?

The most significant difference between a divorce and legal separation is that with a legal separation the parties are still married and cannot get remarried. Most often, people chose a legal separation for religious reasons or to retain certain benefits with insurance or retirement. Additionally, people may prefer to proceed with a legal separation because they are not emotionally ready to divorce.

In a majority of cases, couples who obtain a legal separation eventually decide to take the next step and request that the court convert their legal separation into a decree of dissolution so that one of the parties can become remarried.

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