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Parenting Time In Colorado

As Colorado’s largest family law firm, Litvak Litvak Mehrtens and Carlton, P.C., has helped resolve parental responsibility conflicts for thousands of clients. Disputes over the allocation of parental responsibilities during divorce can be deeply personal, but our attorneys take the emotion out of the process. We work step by step to ensure that your children’s best interests are met with a sustainable, enforceable and fair parenting plan.

Allocation Of Parental Responsibilities

Child custody or visitation, as it is commonly known, is called “parenting time” in Colorado. Parenting time is the schedule of the days the parties’ children spend with each parent. In determining parenting time, the court looks to find the schedule that meets the best interests of the children. In doing so, the court looks to a number of factors, including:

  1. The wishes of each parent
  2. The child’s relationship with his or her parents
  3. The child’s connection to his or her home, school and community
  4. Whether the parents are able to encourage love, affection and contact with the other parent
  5. Each parent’s past patterns of involvement with the child

While no one parenting time schedule is right for everyone, there are a number of commonly used fair and effective parenting time schedules. It is commonplace for courts to find children’s best interests are met by spending equal time, a “50/50” schedule, with each parent when both are capable of caring for their children.

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Parenting time issues are some of the most challenging and emotional for parents. Our attorneys seek to work collaboratively with the other parent and counsel to find parenting time plans that are both in the children’s best interests and fair to both parents. When this isn’t possible, however, we are zealous advocates for our clients’ rights.

Besides standard child custody, we assist parents with:

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No other family law firm in Colorado has as many lawyers recognized for excellence by the independent evaluation companies Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers. To schedule a consultation regarding your child custody matter, contact Litvak Litvak Mehrtens and Carlton, P.C., at 303-951-4506, or email us instead.

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