When your Colorado family is facing a challenging time, temporary child custody may be an important resource to help you emerge. In some cases, the term is simply used to describe the arrangements made by divorcing parents before a final child custody agreement has been made permanent. In other cases, however, another family member or loved one may be given temporary custody to make decisions and care for a child. These are often difficult circumstances, but this solution may provide options to allow greater support for a child’s development and well-being.

Why Consider Temporary Custody

In some families, grandparents may be well-established and prepared to provide a good life for their grandchildren, even while the parents struggle with mental health, job concerns or other issues that keep them away from the children. Temporary custody may provide greater security for these grandparents and children, especially in the case of important educational choices or emergency medical decisions that need to be made for the kids. In other cases, an aunt or uncle may provide temporary custody for a child for a sister or brother who is unable to care for their children. Whether they lack the financial resources or the life stability to do so, these parents may be able to provide temporary custody to trusted loved ones.

Emergency Situations and Temporary Custody

Temporary child custody may also be an important option in emergency situations. A parent with certain types of work obligations may be faced with decisions about relocation. A parent who needs to go to the hospital or who suffers a severe illness may also want to make a formal agreement for temporary custody with a loved one. In other cases, the court may grant temporary custody to a trusted guardian if a child is at risk in a domestic abuse context.

If you are a relative providing informal care for a loved one’s child residing at your home or a parent wondering how to deal with an emergency, temporary custody may provide a solution. A family law attorney may provide advice and guidance on how to secure a temporary child custody agreement.

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