Couples in Colorado who are getting a divorce are more likely to seek one in January than in many other months of the year. According to studies as well as the experience of divorce attorneys, divorces rise in the month of January for several reasons.

Some people may have already decided to divorce, but if they have children, it is also likely that they do not want to file for divorce during the holiday season. Parents often want to give their children one more family holiday before the divorce happens. In other cases, the holidays themselves can be the catalyst for one or both individuals deciding to divorce. It can be a stressful time that involves a lot of travel and togetherness, and couples may realize that they no longer want the marriage to continue. The new year can also feel like a time for a new start.

Many experts say that couples who are getting a divorce should try to be considerate to one another whatever the reason for the divorce. This is especially true for parents since they will remain connected by their children for years.

While trying to come to an agreement about both property division and child custody, parents should try to avoid letting themselves be overcome by their emotions. They should try to focus both on their financial security and the best interests of the children instead of trying to get the divorce over with quickly or trying to hurt the other person. Even people who are going through a contentious divorce and who cannot reach an agreement through negotiation might be able to do so through mediation or another alternative dispute resolution method. In mediation, couples work toward a mutually beneficial solution, unlike in litigation, which is adversarial and in which there may be a winner and a loser.

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